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Space & Technology: Just a Couple of Reasons Why Louis Loves His Ford F-150

Space and technology are two of the most important features a vehicle can offer nowadays. You want to be comfortable during your drive, and you want to have the assurance of knowing that you always have access to the tools necessary to truly conquer the open road.

Louis wanted those things as well, and he has definitely received them with the Ford F-150. As he explains in this video, he both has some great features to take advantage of behind the wheel, and plenty of space for other passengers and cargo.

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Travel Safety Tips for the Winter Holiday Season

There’s simply no place like your home for the holidays, whether your “home” refers to a physical structure or a group of loved ones. The Ford of Kirkland team is eager to share a few of our essential tips for traveling safely this season.

Seasonal Holiday Travel Tips

  • Before you hit the highway, make sure to schedule a seasonal service appointment for your Ford vehicle. With cooler temperatures and winter precipitation imminent, your vehicle could benefit from a routine check-up.
  • Food, fun, and family are not the only things you can expect this holiday season.
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Ford provides innovative cabin storage space for its upcoming 2017 Ford Super Duty!

For all their expansive beds, enhanced horsepower and torque, and range of innovative technology, there's one crucial component of automotive that is a consistent stumbling block for many trucks in the modern market: functional interior storage space. Sure, it may seem like a minor issue, but when you consider how many accessories there are out there for affixing your phone to the air vents within arm's reach, or stowing your sunglasses in an attachable compartment to the mirror or sun visor, it becomes abundantly clear how great the need is for easily accessible storage in the truck 


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Ford's Invention to Keep Spiders Out of Your Engine

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it's true. No matter where you live, or what you drive, your vehicle is a target for spiders to lay their eggs!

The yellow sac spider has caused a number of problems for several vehicle brands over the years, because this tiny arachnid can get into tight spaces and weave webs. The webs can clog up critical engine areas, and…

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