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Is the Ford Expedition the Right Full-Size SUV for You?

Ford Expedition has a generous cargo space and storage area. It offers capacity for handling errands, and it converts to large-scale packing space for long trips. The user-focused design makes the storage and packing space easy to access and use. It also has the best-in-class design for cargo space and storage management. The Expedition offers compartments for long-term organization and a large, flexible capacity for cargo.

Kirkland, WA area residents use SUVs for all types of tasks and errands. The hands-free lift back door provides ease of packing and unpacking the Expedition. 

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The Ford Expedition is ready to kick off the weekend

Friday is only one day away and here at Ford of Kirkland we're always looking forward to the weekend. Whether or not the ones you hold near and dear to your heart have anything planned, just make sure you're taking full advantage of driving the 2017 Ford Expedition. The Ford Expedition is an adventure to drive in and of itself.

A steady a

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