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What is an Alternator and How Do I Know if It is Working?

The alternator is essentially a small generator that takes the energy created by the internal combustion of your engine and stores it as electricity in your car's battery for later. It works by harnessing the movement generated under the hood to turn a wheel on the alternator and generate energy. Admittedly, the actual process is a bit more complicated and uses magnets and alternating current to transform the mechanical energy into electrical power.

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Travel Safety Tips for the Winter Holiday Season

There’s simply no place like your home for the holidays, whether your “home” refers to a physical structure or a group of loved ones. The Ford of Kirkland team is eager to share a few of our essential tips for traveling safely this season.

Seasonal Holiday Travel Tips

  • Before you hit the highway, make sure to schedule a seasonal service appointment for your Ford vehicle. With cooler temperatures and winter precipitation imminent, your vehicle could benefit from a routine check-up.
  • Food, fun, and family are not the only things you can expect this holiday season.
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