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The Ford Fusion Can Seat Everyone Comfortably

If you are in the market for a roomy and comfortable vehicle that delivers dependable performance on the road, then the Ford Fusion is an excellent choice for your commuting needs. The Ford Fusion has one of the roomiest trunk spaces for mid-size sedans, and the comfortable interior with a user-friendly infotainment system makes everyone happy.

There are three EcoBoost engines that drivers can select: the 1.5L with Auto Start-Stop Technology and the 2.0L, 

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2017 Ford Fusion

Come on by Ford of Kirkland and see us if you are thinking about taking the next step and buying a vehicle. We have a lot of inventory in stock, and we are ready to make some deals with you. Over the long term, a new car is a huge investment to make. We are excited about all of the things that we have going for us with the 2017 Ford Fusion. This is a great vehicle that a lot of people love.

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The 2017 Fusion is Designed to Protect You From Almost Anything!

There are a few situations that make you nervous while driving. Rush-hour traffic, when everyone is at their most aggressive and sleep-deprived. Night driving, especially in the rain. Traveling at highway speeds on a windy day.

While most of us can't avoid driving, being a little on edge is rational. Those situations can be hazardous. Fortunately, there are vehicles going above and beyond to keep you protected in any circumstance.


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2017 Ford Fusion Sport Aims to Make Pothole Damage a Thing of the Past

Driving into a pothole can cause a host of different types of damage. It can hurt your suspension, the exhaust, it can misalign your wheels, wear out your shocks, and puncture tires.

You can always schedule service at Ford of Kirkland, or find new tires, but the cost adds up over time. In fact, one study found that urban drivers spend $500 each year on damage caused by potholes.

The 2017…

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