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One Company's Trash is Another Company's Green Manufacturing Solution

Jose Cuervo® started out as a small family business when it was founded in 1795. Today, it is still family owned and operated, but it has grown to be the largest tequila-distributor in the world. Its farms grow millions of agave plants every year.

With so much agave being produced, huge amounts of agave fiber -- the leftovers -- is also created.

Rather than throwing this organic matter away, Jose

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Ford Developing New Plastic and Foam Materials Using Captured CO2

For nearly 20 years, as part of its ongoing commitment to the promotion of corporate responsibility and sustainability, and reducing its own impact on the environment, Ford Motor Company has worked to develop sustainable alternatives to traditional automotive materials. Some of these include using recycled t-shirts and denim in carpeting, and using recycled plastic bottles in its new REPREVE seating fabric for the...

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