"Take Me To Your 2017 Ford Super Duty"

When the aliens arrive, will they want to see your leader or your 2017 Ford Super Duty? Of course, the Martians understand the best technology, how else could they get to Earth? Maybe, they will need your truck to help them tow their spacecraft?

Towing is a complicated technology. You need not only to be able to load up your trailer with a large weight - 35,000 lbs for the Super Duty - but you also must be able to drive it. What good is a trailer that won't budge? It is like a crashed spacecraft.

This is why the Drag Strip Victory of the 2017 Ford Super Duty mattered. The Ford truck defeated the Mobile Jaw Crusher and "it was not even close." The Ford loaded up seven large tractor tires on its trailer and hit the finish line first. Could the aliens borrow your Super Duty?

Visit Ford of Kirkland today to learn more about its features.

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