The Ford Super Duty Frame Is The New Weight Champion

Cars and trucks continue to get more safety features to help protect the car and the driver from severe damages. Having a strong frame embedded within the vehicle can make a difference in the buying decision of the customer.

Not very many vehicles can say they come with a durable steel frame. The new super duty steel frame provided by Ford can hold against just about anything. The frame has been tested to see how much weight it can truly hold. It can hold more weight than you would think.

At a construction site, a group of engineers decided to lift up Ford pickup trucks one by one with the super duty frame. The average Ford truck weighs in at about 4700 pounds. The frame ended up picking up eight trucks weighing about 38,000 pounds and still help strong.

To continue testing the limits, the engineers decided to bring in the Ford F-750 weight in at over 13,000 LBS. The frame was able to hold up all the trucks, its weight, and the F-750 weighing in at a total of over 60,000 LBS and no visible bends were showing. Visit Ford of Kirkland to take a closer look.

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