Travel Safety Tips for the Winter Holiday Season

There’s simply no place like your home for the holidays, whether your “home” refers to a physical structure or a group of loved ones. The Ford of Kirkland team knows you want to safely travel this holiday season, and we are eager to share just a few of our essential tips for traveling safely this season.

Seasonal Holiday Travel Tips

  • Before you hit the highway, make sure to schedule a seasonal service appointment for your Ford vehicle. With cooler temperatures and winter precipitation imminent, your vehicle could benefit from a routine check-up.
  • Food, fun, and family are not the only things you can expect this holiday season. Fatigue can threaten drivers at any time of year. If you start to feel drowsy, find a safe place to pull over and either switch out driving duties or make sure to get a nap! Remember: Alert driving is safe driving.
  • Make use of your Ford’s safety innovations to help alert you to any potential driving hazards you may encounter this holiday season. Many modern cars feature built-in safety technologies to help monitor blind spots, assist with parking, and more.
  • Think before you drink! The winter travel season serves as a time of celebration, but it can also become a time of mourning. Use your best judgment, whether that means calling a taxi service, carpooling with a designated driver, or making overnight arrangements.

Wherever you travel this season, we hope you find great joy all along the way! If you decide to upgrade your transportation in advance of holiday gatherings or family road trip adventures, visit us here at Ford of Kirkland to discover your ideal new Ford for sale in Kirkland, WA!

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