Camping in a Ford Van: You Won’t Believe This Modification

Are you a fan of camping? If so, do you prefer to rough it, sleeping without shelter or with a small tent, or is that too far out of your comfort zone?

Lots of Americans enjoy camping: approximately 38 million of them according to statistics by the Outdoor Foundation. If you fall into this category, you may have considered buying a camper or RV at some point in time. Or perhaps, like this couple in England, you thought about converting a van like the Ford Transit into a camper.

We can’t get over what these engineering folks did to…

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Holiday Travel Etiquette? Ford’s Got You Covered

When you think of “etiquette” what first comes to mind? Do you think of Miss Manners and good posture, saying, “please,” and “thank you,” and combing your hair properly?

There has been more attention on etiquette in recent years, perhaps spurred on by the nation’s interest in the TV series, “Downton Abbey.” Individuals who lived in that era certainly knew a thing or two about the proper way of doing things, didn’t they?

Ford recently partnered with the Emily Post Institute to offer drivers a simple etiquette overview for holiday driving.

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