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Dear Mr. Olson,

I wanted to commend one of your employees, Kevin Paddock, for going above and beyond, in helping me with my 2005 Explorer. I have all my normal service and maintenance done at Ford of Kirkland. On 8/24 I was driving back from Portland and my warning light and bells were going off like crazy telling me my charging system needed to be checked. I didn�t get back to town until after you had closed. The next morning I had to pick up a client at the airport and had to be on the road at 10 AM � no later. I took my car over, with no call or appointment at 8:30 AM, Kevin had someone look at it, determined the problem (needed a new alternator), got the repair started, got on the phone and worked with the outside warrantee company to see that the repair was covered and had me out of there in time to pick up my client on time. It was amazing � I felt he went way above and beyond normal good customer service. When I asked who his boss was so I could send a note he said it wasn�t necessary because it was his job. It�s taken me a while to write to you but I wanted to make sure I took the time to recognize an outstanding employee. Thank you!

Susan Stanton

TO: Manager Kirkland WA Ford Dealership

SUBJECT: Thank you Service Manager Kevin.

My Granddaughter was moving from Kansas to Redmond in her car 8/2/2011 when her steering wheel locked up in Redmond. She was very upset and just didn't know what to do. I called your service dept. It was near closing time. I talked to the service manager, I believe his name is Kevin. He told me how to correct the problem and it did. He also explained how to prevent it from happening again. My Granddaughter was elated as she really needed the car, 2000 Ford Taurus wagon that I had purchased new.

This is an example of why I am a Ford Fan and why I believe my Granddaughter will be also.

Thank you Sir and thank you Kevin.

George Adams


Long time no talk. I have a quick story for you I thought you might like to hear. I get my hair cut at a women's salon (don't tell anyone) in downtown Kirkland. The Salon is called ZOE it's on 100th- anyway this is not a "men's barbershop" but rather a swanky little boutique women's salon. So I'm sitting there getting my haircut reading the WSJ and listening to a woman who is getting her hair done by the owner of the salon. This woman is clearly a West of Market Kirkland resident, and a woman of means. She was bragging about the new Ford she just bought and how much she loves it. This conversation begins to go down the road of how much she loved buying the car from Ford of Kirkland. I found the conversation so interesting as usually you hear the men talking about how they got some great deal, or how they beat up the sales guy etc. but this was 2 women gushing about the way Ford of Kirkland was a great dealership, and how much she loves her new Ford.

From one Kirkland resident to another I thought I'd pass that little story along. Congratulations!

Dylan M. Doran
Divisional Vice-President
Protective/Asset Protection Division

Hi Greg,

I am very impressed with Scott Corn's service and his articulate way of explaining thru the demo how to operate this AWESOME car. John Taylor's expedient way of processing all the paperwork required to finalized the sale.

There was a potential customer that took the black Explorer out for a drive and he came ask if he could ask me some questions and they were:

  • Did you buy this car? I said yes
  • How many other cars did you look at before you made this decision? I looked at the Highlander Toyota, Veracruz Hyundai, Pilot Honda and couple of Infiniti's.
  • Why did you select this car? It is the coolest good looking car in the market as a SUV. I presently own an Expedition and Lincoln Navigator and wanted a car that would have the space to transport 6+ passengers and be able to bring our golf and ski equipment. I told him I am 5' feet tall and my Lincoln Navigator has break/gas pedals that are retractable and the Explorer also had that feature. This is a major safety feature for petite people so they do not have sit too close to the steering wheel in case of an accident and the air bags deploy.

In the near future we need to get our college daughter a car and I will highly encourage her to look your sedans J.


Hi Jim,

My son and I came in last night to look at your cars. We did end up finding one for him. He is super happy with his car. I just wanted to say everyone there treated us like royalty. We came in to purchase at 2500.00 car and your team treated us like we were buying at 50,000.00 car. I can't tell you how much we both appreciated the services we received. Erik and Jon make a great team. I cannot remember the name of the man in the credit department, but he made the whole payment process quick and easy. I can't say enough about the whole team.

When me and my son walked out the door he said, "that was really quick and easy." Almost like, why do people complain about car dealerships. J I said, "they aren't all like that."

I truly trust your dealership and feel good about putting my (20 year old) baby behind the wheel of one of your cars.

I spoke with my number one client this morning. In 2011 they are going to purchase a work truck. I told him about my experience with you guys last night. He said he would purchase his truck with you guys. I will keep in touch as he gets ready to purchase.

Last thing, I have been out of the chamber for a year or so. So I am not sure how active you are still. But I was thinking if you are still a member maybe you could talk to Bill about putting an article in the newsletter title it something like "Safe Cars for Your Kids" or something. And do a little article about how you have inventory for 16-21 year olds. Not expensive, but safe. As a parent it's hard to trust a used car dealer on 99 or a privet "as is" sale with someone on craigslist. It might be a way to make a few extra bucks without a lot of effort. That just popped into my head on the way home. If you do that, I'd be happy to help. OR if you need any testimonials I would be happy to write one too.

Again, thanks so much to you and your team! I will be in touch.

Diana Gregory

Dear Jim,

We often use service departments for many of the various things we need to have checked or serviced. It's inherent in the word, "service", that one should expect not only to get what needs getting fixed or serviced done, but with "good" customer service as well. when I brought my 2003 T-Bird in for some basic service recently, I was greeted by Christina who helped me check-in. I had a lot of things going on that day and needed to use your internet connection to work while I waited. You know how it takes time to get hooked up and shut down. When my car was ready she came to find me and could tell I was in the middle of one thing that wasn't going to allow me to immediately shut off and come with her to the counter to settle up. I thanked her for letting me know my car was ready and that I would finish what I was doing, shut down and come see her to check out.

Not for Christina! She didn't say a word, said thank you and headed back to her counter. It wasn't a minute later she was back at my table with the service invoice and billing. Said she understood I must be having a busy day, asked if she could just go over it breifly to see if I had any questions, and saidf she'd be happy to take my credit card if I was satisfied with the service and charges. She was back very quickly with my receipts, card, etc., waited for me to sign and smiled the entire time again acknowledging she understood about getting things done and the time it takes to shut down a computer. She handed me the keys, told me my car was right outside the service bay door and to have a wonderful day.

Now THAT''s REAL service! Above the expected by far. She is great, she is a truly valuable employee, but she is just a good and caring person. You are lucky to have such a gem, and all of us who use your service department are too!

Ken Martinson

These guys are Rock Stars!

Bought a Focus 7 years ago. Traded it in today for a new one and they guys who helped me (Dan, Raliegh, Tyler, and Chris) were OUTSTANDING! Love, love, love this place. They all went the extra mile to get me into a new car w/ all the bells and whistles. I can't imagine any other place to deal with. I live in Seattle but will go back across the water for all my service too.


Hi Amy,

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives it seems most people have plenty of time to complain about things but never seem to have the time to give a compliment when one is deserved. Friday night I had a brake light problem with my Explorer, that wouldn't go out until I pulled the fuse. So Saturday morning I called your dealership and spoke to Dean and he was able to get me in that day, diagnose my problem and have my car ready to pick up by 3 PM. I thought that was a great job by him and the mechanic who performed the work.

On top of that the young women who was cashiering was apologetic for my problem and was glad they could get the job done same day.

I just thought that was great service all the way around and you should know.

Bob Colgan

To Whom It May Concern,

Renee' A. Tillmond and myself recently bought a car from your establishment and we felt strongly that we should commend you on the excellent customer service given to us by Melissa McKinnon, Steve Skullerud and John Potts.

Renee' and I have had excellent credit in the past; but because of some medical concerns and employment furloughs/lay-offs within the last few years, it has hurt our credit of which we are currently working on. We owned a Ford Expedition that Renee' drove and needed to trade it in for a smaller, more economical vehicle because of Renee's traveling for work periodically. We had been looking at Hyundai models and had heard good things about your dealership through other customers. We applied through Roadloans because that is the only financing that we thought we could get. We were immediately contacted by Melissa and set-up an appointment to come in. She was so nice over the phone and made us feel at ease. When we came in, we were greeted by Melissa and Steve. They were both very welcoming and greeted us with huge smiles. While Steve worked with us on our trade-in and looking at vehicles, Melissa was working on the best possible financing for us. This system was great! We didn't have to wait for Steve to go back and forth to find out about financing and trying to test drive cars at the same time. We got what we wanted and had expected from the trade-in, Steve put us into a 2008 Hyundai Tucson with only 13,000 miles on the car! We wanted a car with warranty and low miles and that's what we got, a car that didn't look used and hammered but still looked new. John was then given our paperwork after we had all agreed on the car and we were greeted by another awesome employee of yours! John was kind and understood our current situation. He worked on our financing and got us financed through OUR CURRENT BANK at a much lower rate than Roadloans which was 24%.

We will continue to come back to your dealership when we are ready to buy another vehicle and we will tell everyone about your fantastic team! We absolutely love our new car! Thank you all so very much for your kindness and hospitality.

Keri Hunter
Renee' A. Tillmond

Hi Jim,

I want to call to your attention the excellent service and guidance we received from Steve Cunnington. My husband liked a truck he saw in the ad Sunday, I called last Monday and we purchased a new Ranger on Friday. Steve made it easy for my husband to move through the buying cycle quickly and helped my husband understand why spending a little bit more made the best sense.

Thanks for having someone like Steve on board!


Dear Mr. Walen,

Hi! My name is Tammie Stephens. My husband, Jim, and I recently purchased a 2009 Ford Escape from your dealership with the cash for clunkers program. We had previously bought 5 brand new vehicles during our 28 years of marriage. By far, your dealership was the best experience. My husband dreads buying a new car. When we walked out, he said that was great!! Dan and I talked several times on the phone before we drove over the mountains to get our new car. It was waiting and ready. When we wanted to drive V6 and showed up a day early, he was pleasant, informative and a pleasure to deal with. John in financing was wonderful! David who called and left a message on our phone making sure everything was fine was very nice. We received a notice that the license plates came in. I phoned and asked if they could be mailed, because we live four hours away. Kristen said no problem and made sure our address was right.

We love everything about buying our SUV from Ford of Kirkland. You have amazing people working for you. We would highly recommend your dealership to anyone. We give you a 10 out of 10 rating.

Thank you from very happy customers!
Jim and Tammie Stephens


Just wanted to extend my sincerest appreciation for all your help and patience. I picked my car up last night and am really enjoying it. The ride is nice and it flat squats and moves! Ran through some of my favorite roads this morning kept a huge smile on my face the whole time. The regional rep for Ford happened to be at Kendall last night (Lance) and I spent some time sharing my experience working with you and Jim and Travis Calhoun. Can't say enough how impressed I am with all the Ford folks I worked with on this and particularly you and Jim. This is my first Ford and I am very happy.

Thank you,
Kurt Hermes

Dear Jim,

I've dealt with a lot of service advisors in the past and I'd like to say that Yuzo Kato is one of the best. He's been helpful, respectful and is very knowledgeable with my vehicle. That to me makes for great customer service. I purchased my Ford vehicle from a different dealership and was very displeased with their service. Yuzo has always treated me as if I purchased from Ford of Kirkland, and because of this I will purchase future Ford vehicles from this dealership.

You have a great team!


stockman image one stockman image two


thanks for taking excellent care of my son Jeff and making his first car buying experience a great one! He is really excited about owning his first car and Raleigh did a super job working with him during the test drive and with the financing and paperwork. Part of his experience included speaking with both Jim and Amy, Crazy Greg and some of the other staff. Everyone showed him a lot of respect and personal interest in his business - I couldn't have asked for a better way for Jeff to buy his first car.

Thanks again!!
Steve Stockman

Hi Jim! A lot's happened since I last saw you at the Kirkland Chamber Board meeting, so I hope you and your family had a truly peaceful and meaningful Holiday, despite all the snow and bad weather!

Actually, that's why I'm writing today. I just wanted to take a moment to personally tell you, on behalf of all of us here at Evergreen, how deeply grateful we are to you and the entire team there at Ford of Kirkland for your incredibly generous donation of the 4-wheel drive vehicles during our recent snow emergencies. As you know, we must continue to take care of our patients, around the clock, regardless of the weather, and that demands we get our staff in and out as safely as we can. Through all that, we actually did quite well, with few problems along these lines. In short, Jim, we simply could not have done as well as we did for those weeks without you and Ford of Kirkland! You and your vehicles were a life-saver for us, so please know how much we sincerely appreciate your kindness and I'd be further grateful if you'd share our thanks with your team. I only hope that someday we'll be able to return the favor!

Thank you, Jim, for everything - you clearly put our community first! We wish you and your entire team all the best for a healthy and Happy New Year!


Dear Travis and Adam:

This note about Ford of Kirkland will be brief, as I know you have greater issues. In these very uncertain economies and specifically the automobile industry, and all the negativity, I would like to let you know how much I enjoy my relationship with Ford of Kirkland.

Four years ago I purchased my F-150, and it was a rather rocky purchase to say the least. (I believe this was AuotNation?). Shortly after that time, the Whelan family assumed ownership, and have put in place a remarkable team of individuals that show me the great side of FOMOCO.

Like all other successful firms, this comes from the top, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate the team at Ford of Kirkland, and know that my next purchase will be from them.

Thank you, Steve

"Dear Jim, we want to thank you so very much for the help in getting our son's 94 Ford Explorer repaired...we so appreciate your help and want to continue a relationship with your dealership. We do have 3 Fords and will continue to service them with was especially helpful allowing us to use your loaner truck for a day or two during service work!"


With a new teenage driver in our family, we were in the market for a third vehicle. Out intent was to find a used Civic, Corolla or possibly Focus for around $5,000.

We were either finding cars that had too many miles or costing 10K+. Upon seeing your ad in Friday's PI, I called FOK and was connected with Sam Snyder. He answered my questions about whether the rebates & discounts were real & whether it truly covered the full inventory of Focus cars. He was polite & straight-forward with the information. My wife and I went to FOK on Saturday to meet with Sam. We found our experience with him in person to be the same. We reviewed the inventory, took a test drive and then finalized pricing. We found it impossible to pass up buying a new car with your discounts for less than comparable used vehicles. Having driven Fords for company cars for a while I am comfortable that we will be satisfied with the ownership experience.

I am guessing were there about 2 hours total. Everyone with whom we interacted was pleasant & made the experience a positive one. Please pass along out thanks to Sam & the credit manager.

Sincerely, Dave & Cathi Bublitz

Hi RJ,

I wanted to thank you again for helping us purchase this Edge - it totally rocks! There are so many things I just love about this vehicle that I could write a few pages outlining the love!

I have to say that the double panoramic moon roofs are just fantastic. It's amazing to be able to look up and see stars (when the weather permits) - and I have to say that we've enjoyed it even more than the Cobra Convertible! (The kids were always too cold and too wind-blown when they were in the back of the Cobra.)

We really enjoy the stereo/sound system and have been playing around with MP3 players and the Sirius. I don't think we've really listened to FM or AM yet! I love the Microsoft Sync! Folks have been so impressed at the great integration with the iPhone when making calls or changing music. Plus - it's fantastic to be able to change music on the fly and on a whim via voice commands!

Last night we used the Nav for the first time as we were doing our first pick up of our Full Circle Farm produce. Typically I would have used the mapping program on the iPhone which would have been problematic given that it was nearly 6 pm and dark outside. The Nav system totally rocked! I can tell that we will use this a lot (especially since I have a tendency to get lost when I'm in Seattle and trying to get home!)

All said, we are really enjoying this Edge and I thought you may want to know about it! Again, thanks a lot for hooking us up! (I think it goes without saying since we've purchased 2 other vehicles through you - but - we love you guys at Ford of Kirkland!)

Thanks, Susan

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to say you weren't kidding when you told me how great your guys are. Yuzo has given me outstanding service. He is professional, very knowledgeable, and represents your dealership extremely well. I will definitely remember to direct all my new nursing friends at LWTC over your way. And I will definitely be back & will come and say "hi" next time I'm in.

- Susan Hamilton

Dear Jim,

Just a quick note to thank you for having service consultants like Jim Cox. I just had my F-150 diagnosed and repaired, and Jim and his team did a terrific job. This came after a brutal appointment at Ford of Bellevue, where they had no idea what the problem was, but "suggested" I purchase a $700.00 kit that would supposedly change the pitch angle of the drive shaft, when in fact, as Jim determined it was in fact the clutches in the rear differential.

I reside in Medina, and wish you also owned the Bellevue store! Until you do, I will bring my truck to Kirkland and Jim Cox.

- Thank You, Steve Brustkern


I just want to let you know that one of my friends came up last weekend and bought a Mustang. She is very happy and said that Dan and Sam were awesome. She said it was the best car buying experience that she had ever had.

- Anonymous

Hey, we did the race for the cure couple of weeks ago...nice touch Ford Of the Warriers in Pink!! we all carry the "symbols" card you guys gave out!!!!

- Charla Kowalski

I just want to let you know that one of my friends came up last weekend and bought a mustang. She is very happy and said that Dan and Sam were awesome. She said it was the best car buying experience that she had ever had.

- Lynn Christensen

" I just wanted to pass on what a wonderful employee you have at Ford of Kirkland. This outstanding employee is a true example of knowing and showing great customer service. "

- Vicky

Ford of Kirkland sales personnel, and any individuals dealing with customers, should take note of RJ's customer service skills and demeanor in relating to his customer. We appreciate how he consummated the sale without using pressure tactics while displaying great patience, how he made us an integral part of the process and especially the way he treated both my wife and I equally, unlike our last car purchase from another Ford Dealership. We have a very positive view of Ford of Kirkland Dealership based on this experience. A bonus, was his ability to assist with the finance paperwork reducing our wait-time since you were handling a couple of other customer transactions at the time."

- Rich and Arlene Gamache

"This was the SWEETEST DEAL EVER!!! The whole process took maybe one and a half hours total. The salesman at Ford of Kirkland was a gem of a guy. He got me very a low interest rate. I rate them A++++++++++"

- Douglas McLean, Lynnwood, WA

"Ford of Kirkland is great; this is the second vehicle I have purchased with them. They are professional, courteous and wonderful to deal with. And of course I love my new hybrid! I have been a ford customer for many years; I am so pleased that Ford is offering a vehicle that I feel so good about owning. Many thanks."

Margareta Germeau

Great Truck! Good Sales Experience!

- anonymous

"We enjoyed our car buying experience very much and loved our salesman and whole staff were helpful and wonderful."

- anonymous

"This is the 5th vehicle we have purchased from Ford of Kirkland and the 5th car from Raleigh Fouch."

- anonymous

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