2017 Escape: Fueling Capability

Our new lineup of 2017 Ford Escape SUVs combines technology, performance and capability to create a top pick vehicle. The available intelligent four wheel drive system makes it easy to drive in many different weather conditions by constantly monitoring traction and road conditions. It can also transfer torque from its front wheels to its back wheels depending on what is needed for precise handling.

When given the right equipment, the Ford Escape is capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds. When trailer sway becomes a problem, trailer sway control technology takes action to keep both vehicle and trailer under control. The interior can seat up to five people, with the rear seats able to convert into extra cargo space. The tastefully designed roof rack creates even more cargo possibilities.

Come on down to our dealership today in order to get a closer look at our new line up of 2017 Ford Escapes.
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