Ford's Invention to Keep Spiders Out of Your Engine

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it's true. No matter where you live, or what you drive, your vehicle is a target for spiders to lay their eggs!

The yellow sac spider has caused a number of problems for several vehicle brands over the years, because this tiny arachnid can get into tight spaces and weave webs. The webs can clog up critical engine areas, and…

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Ford SYNC 3 Opens Lines of Communication

The moments following a spat are critical.

Undesirable things have been done and said -- feelings have been hurt (please note the intentional use of passive voice). If action is not taken, the situation could only become more severe in nature.

Look, at Ford of Kirkland, we're not going to make anyone take the blame, but we do think it's always wise to keep the lines of communication open. With a little help, you can do this...

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