Ford trucks take home all the awards this season


Here at Ford of Kirkland, we're the first to admit that the Ford F-Series is the stuff of automotive greatness, and now our favorite Ford trucks have the accolades to back it up.


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What Does Glamping, Ford and Travel Have in Common?

Are you familiar with the term “glamping?” It combines two words into one: glamour and camping. Its definition is pretty easy to imagine now: if you guessed camping with frills, you’re on the right track.

Whether it’s in treehouse or a teepee, a yurt or open-air tent, the trend is quickly gaining popularity. It offers the benefits of outdoor living with a high level of comfort and perks.

Glamping has an avid following among RV-lovers. Lots of individuals enjoy “prettying up” their motorhome and hitting the road, bringing all or most of the comforts of home with them…

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